Terms and conditions


Chapter 1 General conditions

The website www.inais.ro in property of S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L., Focșani, Road DJ204D, 620157, Vrancea County, Romania, phone +

All orders placed via the website are exclusively subject to the following general terms and conditions, in the version that is valid at the time of your order. This website includes, but is not limited to texts, images, design and layout, all materials being protected by copyright.

You are not allowed to modify, copy, reproduce, publish, share, obtain licences, have any commercial use, create duplicates of the displayed products, transfer or sell any part of the content, programme, products or services included on this website.

S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L. is entitled to modify the content, the structure and the availability of the website at any time, or may cease to provide information on the website, without prior agreement or notification of its users or third-parties.

Using this website as a visitor, registering as a user and purchasing the products displayed here involves your implicit and without restrains agreement of the current terms and conditions, with all consequences arisen from these.


Chapter 2 Important information

The products listed on www.inais.ro are presented under the form of digital pictures, describing the articles offered for purchase. The insignificant differences between the pictures and the received product are not considered faults.

Some of the products listed on the website may not be available in certain periods of time. The prices may suffer changes according to the moment when you place the order. All prices are listed both in Romanian currency and EUR and include VAT.

Chapter 3 Payment methods

For your convenience, we accept three payment methods for orders placed on www.inais.ro: online payment, cash on delivery or bank transfer, using the following Libra Bank accounts: RO10BREL0002001442540100 – Romanian currency, RO26BREL0002001442540200 – EUR.


Chapter 4 Shipping methods and returns

We ship in Europe via our partners – DHL for deliveries inside Europe and FAN COURIER for local deliveries (Romania), within 7 working days from order confirmation (valid for payment order). For returns, we ask our customers to use the same operators that we shipped with.

Inais.ro offers free shipping for domestic orders. Please note that for international deliveries, the price does not includes transportation and custom fees, and this will be billed separately.

For shipping inside of Romania, the products are delivered for free.

From 21st December 2020 until 4th of January 2021,  the shipping time can be over due. Please note that on the National Holdays and weekends, the delivery system is not available. Thank you for understanding.


Chapter 5 Property right

Property right of each and every product delivered stays with S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L. up until the moment we receive in our accounts the value of the products.


Chapter 6 Contract

When placing your online order on www.inais.ro, you must accept the current terms & conditions, that shall enter into force at that time. The order is considered valid starting the moment you filled in your details on the dedicated page and placed the order.

S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L. reserves the right to refuse an order, without providing any explanations. The reasons for refusing an order may have as grounds the suspicion that the products ordered may suffer a resale, based on a background of that user and the orders placed previously. In the event of an order being refused, the person who placed the order will be informed in writing and the money reimbursed to his/her account, should the amount already be paid to our account.


Chapter 7 Contact information

Please feel free to contact us via email, at office@inais.ro, for any questions or complaints should you have regarding your order. hone number: +04 0746.130.353


Chapter 8 Return Policy

We gladly accept returns within 10 working days of the receipt. The client must inform S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L. by sending a request of return, via email at office@inais.ro.

The product that needs to be returned, should be shipped back to S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L., at DJ204D Road, Focșani 620157, Romania. The payment of returns is  not supported by S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L., it should be supported by the customer.

If we detect wear marks, as a result of using the product for more than just a simple try on, this will not be accepted for return. We accept returns only for products which are not damaged, looking exactly as they were sent to you, with all the original labels on and all the others accessories included in the parcel.

If several products were ordered and you wish to return all of them, shipping to S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L. must be done in a singular parcel. We reserve the right to refuse several returns, at different period of times, coming from the same order.

Should a client wish to return a product, we will reimburse the money in the bank account from which we collected the amount in the first place, or if you paid by cash on delivery, let us know your bank account via e-mail. Reimbursements will be made according the initial currency used to pay the value of the products ordered.

Once all the conditions for returning the product/s are met, these are back to S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L. and check-up is done, the value of the products will be reimbursed within the maximum period of 5 working days.

We reserve the right to refuse the product/s for return if all the above conditions aren’t met.

Please note that we accept returns only from the country to which we shipped the order.

If you want just to change the size of your product, let us know via e-mail with all the details. Soon you will be contacted by us and tell you if the change is possible, within the limit of available stock.


Chapter 9 Privacy Policy

All the information on our clients are saved and processed exclusively by S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L., according to the personal data protection laws. These personal data are collected, saved and used for the sole purpose of processing your order. Should you refuse to fill in these information, we will not be able to process the order and deliver the product/s to you.

Additional to this, data may be processed and used for internal marketing analysis.

In the event you should prefer that your personal data not to be available for internal analysis either, please notify us via email office@inais.ro. Please note that this request will not apply for the information strictly necessary for processing your order.

S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L. commits not to transmit your personal data to third parties, except for the ones that need the information for processing the order (e.g. courier services, banking services etc.)

According to the Law no. 677/2001 regarding personal data protection, S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L. is obliged to manage the customers’ personal data in perfect safety and only for the hereby declared purposes.

According the above-mentioned law, you are entitled to access and intervene upon your personal data provided to S.C. SIMIZ FASHION S.R.L. and to take your complains to the court of law. Also, you have the right to be opposed to processing your personal data and to request removing these data*. For exercising these rights, you may send your signed and dated request to office@inais.ro. Also, we acknowledge your right to appeal to the court of justice.

In the event of you having provided to us with incorrect data, please notify us as soon as possible.



* for legitimate reasons, any person has the right to be opposed to his/her personal data processing.

* every person has the right to oppose, without justification, to his/her personal data being processed for marketing reasons.


Last update: September 17th 2019

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